Prince Harry, Bradley Cooper, Miranda Kerr & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For July 30, 2014

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So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events.

Prince Harry poses with a fellow ginger while promoting the Invictus Games. The best part? She’s a little girl! Oh, my ovaries.

Bradley Cooper looked very sexy in his leather jacket again on the set of Adam Jones. I’m loving his look for this movie.  Read More »

Are Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Having A Baby?, DMX Loses His Shit On A Rollercoast: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Ben Affleck’s Fourth Child? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

— Watch DMX Lose His Shit While on a Roller Coast, It’s So Good! [omgblog]

— Please Enjoy “Potterhood” The Boyhood / Harry Potter Mashup You Were Waiting For [Lainey Gossip]

Penny Dreadful Star Reeve Carney Discusses Make-out Session with Josh Hartnett [Towleroad]

Lee Pace Might Be on the Verge on Next-Level Stardom, Would You Hit it? [Celebitchy]

Miley Cyrus Topless For The 1,902,398th Time [ICYDK]

WATCH: Nick Jonas Is Dark Brooding In His Latest Music Video For ‘Chains’

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Nick Jonas Chains Music Video
Nick Jonas is all grown up

Well hello there grown up and very sexy Nick Jonas! How nice of you to join us today.

We all knew that Nick was branching off on his own again, and today we got our latest look at what solo Nick Jonas is like. This time is comes to us in the form of “Chains”, that debuted today via MTV.

It’s got Nick being wrapped up in, umm, chains courtesy of one, Miss Dylan Penn, while riots and smoked filled rooms abound.  Read More »

Robert Pattinson Looks Hot In ‘Esquire U.K.’, Talks About All That Kristen Stewart Drama

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Rob Pattinson Likes To Party
Robert Pattinson
Robert threw a huge Hollywood party with lots of ladies Read More »

Before we talk about anything else, let’s just take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is Robert Pattinson.

While he can look hot in pretty much everything, Rob in a suit is just something magical all on its own. So let’s all thank the Esquire UK gods for putting RPattz on their September cover. And the photoshoot inside looks really good too.

Now, this isn’t just about how sexy Robert is. It’s also about the interesting things he had to say.  Read More »

Shirtless Lionel Messi Is Clearly Enjoying His Summer Vacation Despite That Whole Tax Evasion Thing

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Oh what? You thought that just because the World Cup is over we’re not going to be bringing you hot footballers?

Au contraire my friends! That’s exactly what we’re doing. Starting now with the one and only, Lionel Messi. The FC Barcelona player was spotted vacationing in Ponza with his girlfriend and his son, while showing off his very nice body.

Not too ab-ie, not to overly bulk, just right. Although, if we are going to put him up against Cristiano Ronaldo in playing, his abs aren’t as great.  Read More »

Exclusive: Socialite Life Chats With Singer & Songwriter Jamie Scott About Fame, One Direction & More

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Jamie Scott Singer Musician

If the name Jamie Scottdoesn’t ring a bell for you, let me help. Heard the One Direction songs “Story Of My Life” or “Midnight Memories”? Or perhaps The Vamps‘ “Wild Heart”? Then you are already very familiar with Jamie and his immense talent.

While the singer/songwriter has been showing off his writing skills for other artists, he gets to showcase his own world class talent in his latest album, My Hurricane.

With his single “Unbreakable” dropping this week, we figured it was the perfect time to chat with the talented singer. Oh, and did we mention he’s super cute? Check out what Jamie had to say about life, music and his celebrity crush after the jump!  Read More »

Please Enjoy Watching Zac Efron Teach Bear Grylls How To Dance

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21 Hot Zac Efron Gifs
Zac Efron
We dare you not to blush. Read More »

Remember when we saw Zac Efron dance in that Instagram video and everything felt right in the world?

Well he’s dancing again. And this time he’s showing Bear Grylls how, too. Yay! Sure, we could focus on the bit in his Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode where he talks about using alcohol as a “social lubricant.”

Or we could even watch him shirtless rappel down a cliff. But I’m gonna say it: him dancing is better than all of that. And it’s after the jump.  Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Shaves A Stranger’s Head On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Looks Hot While Doing So

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Before we get to Daniel Radcliffe shaving some random dude’s head on national television, can we talk about how freaking sexy he looks?

The actor popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to plug his new movie, What If, and he managed to look beyond sexy in the process. I’m loving the fashion, I’m loving the way the wind is tussling his hair, his eyes look beautiful–basically, he looks like he stepped out of a magazine.

Bravo, Dan. Now, back to shaving a stranger’s heads.  Read More »