Will Friedle And Williams Daniels Are The Cutest In Real Life And On Twitter

November 22nd, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Will Friedle, recognized by ’90s kids as the goofy and lovable older brother, Eric Matthews, on the T.G.I.F. favorite, Boy Meets World, has brought his real life charm and likeability to Twitter.

Though many imposter Friedle accounts have come before, fans can rest easy that he is now verified, and just a quick tweet away.

Now, with his first smart phone in hand, Friedle is diving head first into this new world of 140 characters.

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Zachary Quinto, David Beckham, Chris Martin & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For November 21, 2014

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So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events.

Zachary Quinto took his hotness–and a long coat–to the red carpet for Out Magazine’s 100 awards.

David Beckham took a leisurely stroll around London, as only David Beckham can do.  Read More »

One Direction Takes A Super Adorable Selfie, Shirtless Man Friday Is Here: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— Jimmy Kimmel Takes #CutestSelfieEver With One Direction [Towleroad]

— Dearest Shirtless Man Friday, You Are The Best Thing Ever [The Berry]

— Giada de Laurentiis DOES NOT Eat Her Own Food?!?! [ICYDK]

— Yes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson are Still Cute Together [Lainey Gossip]

— Beyonce’s New Tracks Were Leaked, and Yes, They Sound Awesome [omgblog]

— Benedict Cumberbatch Really Thinks His Birth Name is “Stupid” [Celebitchy]

Just Because: Prince Harry Looks Hot As He Plays Polo In Abu Dhabi For Charity

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Hey Prince Harry, thank you for joining us this Friday afternoon for what I like to call “The Friday Afternoon Ogle Session.”

Sure we can ogle regular old famous people, but isn’t it more fun when it’s a member of the royal family doing some super royally things? In this case playing polo in Abu Dhabi for his charity, Sentebale.

Once again, we can lament the absence of Prince William, but if it’s between the two Princes, I’m going with Harry.  Read More »

Charlie Hunnam Takes Off His Shirt For ‘Vogue’ And No One Is Complaining

November 21st, 2014 // 1 Comment
Charlie Hunnam's Sexy Smile
Charlie Hunnam Flashes A Smile On The Set Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'
Charlie shows of his smile for 'Sons Of Anarchy' Read More »

Hey look! More Charlie Hunnam for us to stare at today!

Sure his show may be over (filming is wrapped, the show is almost done), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have more Charlie all day, everyday. We already talked this morning about how silly he can be, but I think it’ll be way more fun to stare at how sexy he can be.

Okay, both are equally fun, but only one of them has Charlie shirtless. And that is the December 2014 issue of Vogue.   Read More »

WATCH: Zac Efron Masturbates For James Franco All In The Name Of Comedy…Maybe

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Zac Efron In 'The Interview' Masturbate James Franco Dave Skylark
Zac Efron has #HandsFree skills
21 Hot Zac Efron Gifs
Zac Efron
We dare you not to blush. Read More »

So you know how James Franco is promoting his upcoming movie The Interview by playing his character Dave Skylark and interviewing real actors?

Okay, good. I thought his sketch with Orlando Bloom would be my favorite, but clearly I was wrong as the honor now belongs to Zac Efron and his #HandsFree masturbating.

In this fake interview, Zac admits that he masturbated 17 times prior to the sit down and that he can do it while driving.   Read More »

Ricky Martin Gave Them Quite A Sexy Show At The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards

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You guys have no idea how hard I had to restrain myself from making a “Shake Your Bon Bon” joke in that headline.

But restrain myself I did and now we’re all in a better. Especially because any place with performing Ricky Martin looking extra sexy is, indeed, a better place.

The singer really brought his all last night at the 15 Annual Latin Grammy Awards, especially when he took the stage to perform his new single, “Adios“.  Read More »

WATCH: John Stamos’s Belly Button, Chris Pratt, Gerard Butler And More Read Mean Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8 John Stamos Chris Pratt Gerard Butler
It just keeps getting meaner

Do you wait patiently for Jimmy Kimmel Live to give us their latest round of mean Tweets?

Because if you do, you must have been super stoked for the 8th installment that graced our televisions last night. I’ve gotta say, this might be one of my favorite ones.

We had people talking shit about John Stamos‘ belly button (and then he was lovely enough to lift his shirt for us), talking shit about Chris Pratt and even talking shit about Gerard Butler.   Read More »