Cristiano Ronaldo Is Hawking Wellness Products In Japan Where Cuteness And Hilarity Ensue

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He might not have done too well in this year’s World Cup, but that doesn’t mean Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t super, duper busy.

The soccer (football) star has been all over Japan this week, promoting these MTG fitness and healthcare products. Remember that mud mask he wore a few days ago? Apparently it was all in preparation for this.

The guy got off the plane in Japan and he was off to work. He played soccer with kids, hung out with some president dude and made the greatest appearance on Japanese TV.  Read More »

WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Seems Like A Super Creepy Guy In The First Trailer For ‘Nightcrawler’

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Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler
Creeper x 1 Million
Jake's beard
Jake Gyllenhall Begins Filming 'An Enemy'
He cleaned it up, but will he ever lose it completely? Read More »

The trailer for Nightcrawler starts out pretty normally.

Jake Gyllenhaal narrates, talks about the type of job he’s looking for, tells us he’s a hard-worker, photographs a traffic accident–then shit starts to get weird.

Nightcrawler definitely feels like a creepy movie, and super thin Jake seems more than up to the task. If you’ll recall, this is the movie that he lost all that weight for. And also the movie he broke his hand filmingRead More »

Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Off His Karate Skills On A Yacht In St. Tropez

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Because if there’s one place appropriate enough to work on your karate skills, it’s on a yacht in St. Tropez. Especially if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor was “kung-fu fighting” yesterday for a bunch of friends on his private yacht. They all looked super bored, but Leo was clearly having a great time. Maybe this is how he intends to get back in shape once he’s done filming his new movie.

Either way, I’ve made an important decision: this is my favorite set of Leo photos ever.  Read More »

New Best Friends? Zac Efron And Robert Pattinson Enjoy A Bowling Date Together

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Oh my gawd you guys, this is officially my new favorite best friend duo.

Would you just look at Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson hanging out last night after a very fun night of bowling. Well, I assume it was a fun night of bowling. The photos show Zac and Rob sharing a few laughs in the parking lot with friends before going their separate ways.

Rob did his best to keep his back to the cameras, which I don’t super appreciate, but I won’t bug him about this time.  Read More »

Naya Rivera Had A Quickie Wedding, Selena Gomez Has Got A Hot New Man: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Naya Rivera Lunches In Glendale

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Naya Rivera Married Some Dude 3 Months After Broken Engagement to Big Sean [Celebitchy]

Selena Gomez Clearly Had a Good Birthday With a Random Hot Dude [Lainey Gossip]

Paris Hilton On Her Sex Tape: “I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able To Fully Trust Any Man Again” [The Frisky]

— The Cause of Peaches Geldof’s Death Has Officially Been Confirmed [ICYDK]

David Lynch Is Making Yoga Wear Now, Rejoice! [omgblog]

— New Series The Flash To Feature Two Gay Characters [Towleroad]

Joe Manganiello Keeps It Casual After His Public Date With Sofia Vergara

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It’s like he has found the ultimate stress relief!

Now that the word is out on 37-year-old Joe Manganiello dating the insanely gorgeous 42-year-old Sofia Vergara, he seems to be taking it easy. Perhaps this new love prospect has him involved in some vigorous physical activity that is releasing any built up tension.

The two recently went on a lunch date in public together and boy-howdy do they look good walking side-by-side.

Read More »

Johnny Depp, Rachel McAdams, Leonardo DiCaprio & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For July 21, 2014

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So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events.

Johnny Depp is clearly still filming Black Mass. At this point I miss non-costumed Johnny Depp. And that’s saying something.

Rachel McAdams looked flawless, as always, as she headed to the premiere of A Most Wanted Man. I love her.  Read More »

Charlie Hunnam’s Favorite Accessory, Justin Bieber’s All Night Ragers: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Charlie Hunnam attends The Huading Film Awards in LA

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Charlie Hunnam Rocked His Favorite Accessory at the TCAs Cause He’s a Cutie [Lainey Gossip]

Justin Bieber’s Drug-Fueled Parties And All-Night Ragers Could Land Him In Jail [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

— Even The US Government Is Playing Kim Kardashian’s Game [The Frisky]

Two And A Half Men To Explore Gay Rights In Final Season (Spoilers) [Towleroad]

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her New Parisian Look [Popoholic]

Prince William Official Takes Pilot Position, The Family is Moving to Anmer Hall [Celebitchy]