Miley Cyrus Steps Out To Pamper Her New Puppy [PHOTOS]

Miley & Liam
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After just a week of being 20 years old, Miley Cyrus is already making adult decisions.

Either Cyrus has recently taken up the hobby of stealing children, or she recently adopted one and decided to pamper it.

The actress was accompanied by her mother and sister to a boutique in Los Angeles, with a seemingly new addition to her family– a puppy! Duh, what were you thinking?

Wearing her usual punk-pop-star style, Cyrus and her sister Noah Cyrus both cuddled with the baby dog, as they bought him some toys for his new life. Talk about a lucky adoption!

For her Brithday, Cyrus also recieved adoption rights to a baby pig through the animal advocacy company, PETA. MAybe it sparked her to rescue another animal of her own. I wonder how her husband-to-be, Liam Hemsworth is taking the whole situation. With the face on that puppy, I’m sure he didn’t argue.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before her twitter is filled with puppy pictures. We’ll keep you posted!

Check out the gallery to see the newest addition to the Cyrus-Hemsworth clan.