90’s Stars And Their Kids [Flashback]

Mommy-Daughter Shopping!
Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoy a day out in NYC
Rider Strong all grown up
90's heartthrobs all grown up and looking good.
As I try to come to terms with the fact that Lizzie McGuire is now a mother, I’ve been forced to acknowledge that, like me, my favorite stars are growing up. Though the characters they portrayed on television will remain ageless, the child actors and actresses that we fell in love with in the 90’s are becoming-or already are-parents. The great thing about this new role for them is that it means adorable celebrity children photos for us!

While we easily recognize the children of former-90’s stars like Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Will Smith, there are plenty more 90’s offspring that we don’t see near enough. So, take a look through the gallery to see some of those lucky kids born to our 90’s television idols.