9-Year-Old Willow Smith Has Her Own Stylists, Wants A Clothing Line

Why does a 9-year-old have a stylist? Better yet, why don’t I have a stylist? Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is apparently working with the same team that helped get Rihanna’s look together, but also working on her own clothing line.

“Willow is definitely inspired by Rihanna’s style,” Mariel Haenn tells HollywoodLife.com. “We make an effort to give Willow her own style, so as not to be a mini-version of Rihanna, but Willow really knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and she’s vocal about it.”

“Jada said upfront that she didn’t want us to dress them like standard kids, like with Sesame Street T-shirts,” Mariel says with a laugh. “And the kids really like dressing as adults and hope that adults will want to dress like them. But Jada will put her foot down if there’s something she doesn’t like, though if the kids really love it, she’ll usually let it pass.”

Now I hate kids wearing cartoon tees after a certain age, but I don’t believe they should be privy to high-end fashion. Besides, aren’t they only wearing this stuff so they can be photographed and seen?

And ps: you can’t get Willow’s Mad Max-looking outfits because most are custom-made. Yeah, I think Willow gets a bigger budget for clothes than I do…excuse me while I cry in my closet now.