8 Reasons Why One Direction Would Be The Best Movie Dates

One Direction in NYC
The boys' performance at Rockefeller Plaza.
We are so stoked for One Direction’s new movie One Direction: This is Us to hit theaters August 30th that we’ve been concocting imaginary scenarios in our heads with the lads. This week — movie time!

How awesome would it be if we got to go on a date to the movies with the group?!  And we wouldn’t be picky.  It could be ANY movie.  In fact they could choose the movie. There are so many reasons why they’d be an incredible movie date that it was kinda hard to pick just 10! Here’s why we think One Direction would be the best movie date EVER.

1. They are down to earth — even though they happen to be the hottest group on BOTH sides of the Atlantic.

2. If you get tired of the movie, they can always serenade you with one of their many hit singles.

3. There’s 5 of them, so if Harry is being stingy with the Junior Mints, Niall will certainly give you some popcorn. Perhaps Liam has Sourpatch kids, and you’d like some of those. Five lads = five times the snacks. Everybody wins.

4. If you’re worried about getting a bad seat at the movie theatre, worry no more — there’s 5 lads, which means they’ll take up a whole row! You get the best seat and you get to see a movie with 5 pretty cute dates.

5. Is this movie you’re watching not that exciting? Stage a One Direction relay race in the aisles!

6. If you happen to be watching any Hannah Montana movies, you’re in luck! Zayn knows all the words, and can serenade you at will.

7. The boys have good taste in cinema! Niall likes Anchorman, Harry’s wild for The Lion King, Liam loves any of the Batman franchise, Louis loves Point Break, and Zayn opts for a classic — Goodfellas. You can have your own personal film festival.

8. Now that they’ve starred in their own movie, One Direction: This Is Us, the lads can totally answer any questions you might have about how it all works. Very helpful to have around, I’d say.