9 Must Know Secrets Of Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Obsessed with the book Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? You’re gonna love the movie. Never heard of the book? Also good, because the movie is stand-alone awesome, chock full of hot guys and kickass heroines.

It’s the story of Clary Fray, a smart, sexy teen who, when her mother is kidnapped, finds herself in the middle of a battle between good and evil – where humanity’s fate hangs in balance.  Along the way, she’ll learn about her own bloodlines – and the surprising powers she possesses.

Dying to know more?  Check out our list of the nine essential things you need to know about the new flick opening Wednesday, August 21st.

1.     It’s already got a legion of fans.  Based on the best-selling series of novels, the movie is likely to inspire a sold out opening weekend. Get your tickets early. You’ve been warned.

2.     It’s all about the RUNES.  Runes are special tattoos that, in the world of Mortal Instruments, determine the special power of every character and identify them as either a good guy or bad news. If only this worked in real life, our dating situations would be a lot easier.

3.     High Hotness Factor: A movie with Jonathan Rhys Myers and the Twilight Saga’s Jamie Campbell Bower is just not playing fair.

4.     Lily Collins is going to blow. you. away. She even insisted on doing her own stunts in this movie. Why? Because she is, we are announcing right now, the next IT girl.  Mark it in your calendars.

5.    It’s getting the IMAX treatment.  Mortal Instruments builds a whole world for its story to take place in, and the IMAX format – insanely detailed picture projected on the biggest screens in the multiplex – puts you right inside of it.

6.     It’s got a built in off-screen romance.  The on-screen chemistry between Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins got so real that the two began dating after the movie finished filming. Will they last? Fingers crossed!

7.     It will make you bring your Kindle to the beach.  Mortal Instruments is one of those movies that is even better after you’ve read the books.  See it once, dig into the first couple of books in the series, then head back out and see it one more time.  Then blow your friends away at Mortal Instrument trivia!

8.     The costumes rule.  The world of Mortal Instruments takes place in a fantasy world where everyone wears crazy tight shirts and short skirts and everyone looks ridiculously hot. #intoit

9.     They’re already working on the sequel.  Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes opens in 2014, and by then you’ll have already seen this movie three times, own in on Blu-ray and have read all the books. Don’t fight it. We can’t resist either.