9-Months Pregnant Rachel Zoe Wears Stiletto Boots, Twice!

Rachel & Rodger
The new parents took a stroll in Beverly Hills.
Fact: Rachel Zoe is super woman.

How else would you describe a woman who is 9-months pregnant, has a stomach like and still wears mile high stiletto boots? Twice! Like, she wore them one day and decided they were so amazing, she wore them again.

Listen, I don’t care how comfortable those booths are, nothing is going to be comfortable after your foot is in that position for so long and you’ve got a child inside of you. Rachel Zoe, you deserve a prize. 

Even constant heel wearing Kim Kardashian wore sandals during the last few months of her pregnancy. Also, can we talk about how Rachel’s stomach has suddenly appeared? Where did it come from? Like, we’ve seen her fairly recently and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this big.

Rachel is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But I still love her. And her son Skyler. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rachel’s footwear. Are you as impressed as I am? Have any of you been 9-months pregnant and worn crazy heels? Tell us in the comments!