9 Celebs Who Rock Fugly Monokinis [PHOTOS]

Guess The Ass
It has brutal tan lines.
I don’t know why celebrities like Paris Hilton and Snooki have taken a shining to monokinis, but we need to put a stop to production.  I get that such a design looks sexy in a heavily photoshopped shoot, but to prance around the beach thinking you’re hot sh*t in one does everyone a disservice.

Ladies, stick to bikinis and one-pieces.  Heck, even wear a one-piece with cut-outs!  Monokinis accentuate the parts of our figures we’d really rather hide (unless we’re built like Hilton, whom I’m suprised isn’t walking around naked by this point).  Nothing’s as glamorous as a well-cut bathing suit or a flattering bikini.  Stay away from the monokini!!!