82 Minutes Was Enough Time In Prison For Nicole Richie

August 23rd, 2007 // 10 Comments


I assume that Nicole Richie has grown immensely from her time behind bars in processing. She did possibly spend 35 minutes in a cell. I’m sure it was a true growing experience for her. Just 82 minutes after Nicole Richie checked herself into Lynwood jail, she left a free woman.

According to the official website of the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept., Richie checked in at 3:15 PM and was released at 4:37 PM. She was assigned to a cell for only 35 minutes! It takes longer to watch an episode of “The Simple Life” … and it’s more painful!

A Sheriff’s source tells TMZ Nicole was routinely processed and released according to normal operating rules.

One of the more brilliant moves by Nicole’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who snuck Nicole in and out while everyone was focused on Lindsay. Well played!

By Michael Prieve

  1. Colby

    Nicole serves for 82 mins, Lindsay a Day…where are we? The UK?
    I have lost faith in or legal system after two celebrities managed to finagle their way out of jail time.

  2. onlyavoter

    Only for a celebrity. You can bet that others are in there for far less crimes watching her walk. Oh to be Paris, Linds or Nicole and get a DUI in California.

  3. I love her dress. Nicole looks really cute pregnant! :-)

    She definitely didn’t need to go to jail anyway… I’m sure the humiliation alone was enough for her to learn her lesson. I mean we’ve all seen how she relies on limos a lot more now. What more do you want? 4 days of bad food and boredom? What the heck was that going to accomplish? Nada!


    P.S. Re: onlyavoter – Are you kidding me Paris had to stay in there for weeks all by herself!

  4. What a joke the US “justice system” must be in other countries. Sad, sad, sad. “Justice” certainly has a price tag here.

    Paris did a few days, Nicole a few hours, Linds will probably just send a proxy to sign her in and then right back out.

    “where are we? The UK?”. I don’t know. I think the UK comes out smelling like roses on this one. All they have is crack-head Pete. We have everyone from Mel Gibson to Michelle Rodriquez blowing off DUI’s.

    Crack-heads hurt themselves (on foot), drunk drives hurt everyone.

  5. Heidi

    Yeah! Let’s send this pregnant bitch to jail! Are you guys serious? Honestly… what I think is horrible about our judicial system is that when a woman gives birth during a jail sentence she gets what, ten minutes before the baby is taken away?

    People get DUI’s everyday. I’m sure people here get them, friends… Anyone who has a problem with this just has some sort of complex with celebrities which makes you wish they fail. What kind of person wants a pregnant woman in jail?

  6. Hey Heidi…you know how to keep from having your baby taken away from you 10 minutes after giving birth in prison? STAY THE FCK OUT OF PRISON. Dumbass.

    You don’t go to prison for jaywalking. If your in prison, you deserve to be in prison. Pregnant in prison? Your kid is better off without you. I get the sneaking feeling that you have givin birth to a few prison babies huh?

  7. Gail

    I’m just totally pissed off that Hohan got her charges reduced to misdemeanors….that would never happen in Florida, “famous” or not.
    She had two DUIs, possession of cocaine at the jail, ran over someone’s foot, chased someone else in a car….and those are misdemeanors in California???
    Outrageous. Makes no difference, I’m sure, but I for one will NEVER watch her act in anything again. Never.

  8. Jinxy McDeath

    Why do these two dress alike, it’s so… junior high.

    It’s her second offense, she was driving the wrong way on a FREEWAY. If you are so stoned you can’t see a bunch of signs in red saying DO NOT ENTER WRONG WAY… You are to fucked up to be behind the wheel.

    This pregnant tard could have killed people, lots of people. The roads are always busy in LA, she needs to never be allowed to drive. She’s an untreated addict who will offend again. Maybe if it’s Heidi’s family who has to pay the price, Heidi won’t be so concerned about a whore who couldn’t care less about anyone on the road.

  9. cookie

    nice matching outfits, losers!

  10. A Boy and His Dog

    Excuse me, is that really proper attire for checking into your jail cell?

    I’m just jealous because I was going to wear the same thing.

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