Double Dare, Figure It Out, GUTS: 8 Reasons Why Nickeldeon Gameshows Rock [Flashback]

Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards
Zac Efron looking good at the 2012 KCA
I’m not one to hold regrets in life, but never being on a Nickelodeon game show as a child is a disappointment I carry with me. I know I’m not alone in that. Maybe I wasn’t athletic enough for GUTS, but my family is great with trivia and games, so I think we had a fair shot at Family Double Dare. At the very least, I would have settled for being one in a crowd of 50 in an epic game of Twister on Wild & Crazy Kids.

Although these dreams can now never be, being a spectator to the shows on TV is a pleasurable alternative. Nick GAS once offered these game shows in syndication; however, the unfortunate demise of the Games and Sports network in 2007 has left a whole in many hearts. While Nickelodeon is doing some fabulous work in bringing back some of the cartoons and scripted shows we loved with The ’90s Are All That, the game shows that spoke to our competitive and messy spirit are noticeably absent.

Hopefully as the success of The ’90s Are All That grows, we can see the expansion of the programming to include the game show category. In the meantime, browse the gallery and pay homage to 8 of the best 90’s game shows for kids.

Don’t forget you can also catch some of your favorite former game show hosts in new projects, including Marc Summers who hosts Food Network’s Unwrapped, and Mike O’Malley who currently plays Burt Hummel on Glee.