8 Reasons to Watch The Avengers This Weekend

It's Captain America!
Zuma Rossdale dressed up as the superhero.
Something happened around the time of Spiderman 2 and later with Batman Begins: superhero movies became cool again. Not just fun schlockfests with little to no redeeming value other than some kick-ass fight scenes (which will always be freaking awesome), nowadays the superhero genre has expanded beyond the teenage boy fanbase. With a wider variety of viewers, comic book flicks need to be wittier, smarter, and special effects-ier than ever before. The Avengers does just that.

The equivalent of a giant nerdgasm, The Avengers promises to be Marvel’s biggest hit to date. Featuring the men (and woman) who’ve proven to hold their own in their respective films, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye unite to prevent the dizzying Loki from world domination. Fans of the films have known forever that The Avengers was coming with hints sprinkled throughout each movie along with some well-placed post-credits clues. With the film already taking in over $300 million in foreign markets and $18.7 million in domestic midnight screenings, The Avengers is a guaranteed hit. Launch the gallery to check out the top 8 reasons to catch The Avengers this weekend.