8 Of Duchess Kate’s Best Outfit Repeats [PHOTOS]

Kate Sanders may have accused Lizzie McGuire of being an outfit repeated, but the term takes on an entirely different meaning when applied to the Duchess of Cambridge.  

The former Kate Middleton has always recycled the flattering items in her wardrobe, even before she became Her Royal Highness.  That white winter coat that never saw a stain and hugged the Duchess in all the right places?  Part of her commoner threads. 

With the help of What Kate Wore and other great royal sources over this past year, we’ve been able to identify what Catherine was sporting.  And many an eagle eye across the interweb often says, “I’ve seen that on Kate before!”

She’s sensible, classic and keeps her eye out for a good bargain.  As they say on Pinterest, Keep Calm And Act Like Kate Middleton.

Which outfit repeat was your favorite?  I’m leaving towards the green “Maja” dress by Diane Von Furstenberg.