8 New Years Resolutions That Will Make 2014 Feel Like 1999 [Flashback]

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As we look back and rank the Best of 2013, we are reminded that 2014 is almost upon us-time for the annual tradition of resolution-making!

This year, avoid setting yourself up for total disappointment with New Year’s resolutions that are overly ambitious or unrealistic. Spice up your resolutions in 2014 and incorporate some good ‘ol ’90s fun into the mix. Reunite with friends for a ’90s party, set a goal to re-watch every episode of Boy Meets World (before the premiere of Girl Meets World), or buy tickets to see your favorite musical act(s) from the ’90s hit the stage again in 2014.

Whether you are the type to make New Year’s resolutions every year, or you have never made one before, launch the gallery for 8 easy resolution ideas that promise to ring in 2014 with just the right amount of ’90s fun and pop culture.