8 Great TV Shows That Remind Us Of ‘Grimm’ [PHOTOS]

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Grimm’s second season returns Monday, August 13th @ 10/9c on NBC, and to get everyone fired up, SOCIALITE LIFE listed eight otherworldly favorites, including Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Charmed.

This genre of television shows not only have the humor and suspense that comedies and dramas have, but they include the creative aspect that tends to blow your mind. Shows like these allow you to leave this earth behind (for just an hour) and venture inside a place of vampires, witches, and night walkers

Take for instance True Blood. Yes, vampires aren’t an original topic to begin with but the way the show goes about creating a story line does show an imaginative aspect. The sensual aspect of the show is also very alluring (HBO never disappoints in this sense).


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