8 Essential Tim Burton Films

The only movie worth watching this weekend is Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Reasons why? It features Burton’s longtime collaborators Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Carter, also Burton’s wife, has popped up in many of Burton’s films in supporting roles over the span of their careers, but if anyone is his muse, it’s gotta be Johnny Depp. After first tackling the title role of Edward Scissorhands, Depp has went on to star in eight of the creative director’s films, most of which have been extremely successful with praise given to Depp’s acting and Burton’s magical direction. The professional relationship between the two has become a staple of Hollywood films over the last couple of decades, insisting that their new project is a sure-fire hit. Another reason to watch? Vampires and witches are plotting revenge against each other for wrong-doings from over 150 years old. Nothing like a Tim Burton movie. Launch the gallery to brush up on some of TIm Burton’s most important projects.