7 Ways This Years Oscars Are A Blast From the ’90s Past [Flashback]

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2014 Oscar Nominees
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With a combined total of over 100 nominations to their name or under their direction, these 2014 Academy Award nominees are no strangers to the glamour and prestige of the Oscars. However, more impressive than their total nominations is the fact that they all had an impact in films during the ’90s (aka the best decade).

As members of the cast or crew on movies like Goodfellas, The Bridges of Madison County, Little Women, Schindler’s List, Titanic, and even Home Alone, these 7 nominees are familiar faces from our beloved ’90s. Although they were almost all robbed of wins in the ’90s, their resilience has kept them as a formidable force in Hollywood.

Launch the gallery for a look at their many accolades, and stay tuned to see if any of them claim wins on Sunday at the 86th Academy Awards.


By Cynthia Rollins

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