7 Things We Learned About William And Harry’s Former Nanny, Olga Powell

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The prince talks about 'Walking With The Wounded.'
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William, Kate and Harry attended the ceremony.
Princes William and Harry are no doubt still mourning the death of their former nanny, Olga Powell, who suffered a heart attack and passed away on September 25th.

On Wednesday, Prince William will leave the Duchess of Cambridge to handle royal engagements alone, as he will attend Powell’s funeral as a representative of the family.  Harry is currently serving in Afghanistan, and will not be able to attend.

Here are seven things we learned about Powell:

1) She watched William and Harry for 15 years, during which time they endured the divorce of their parents and the death of their mother in 1997.

2) Powell was a guest at William and Catherine’s royal wedding back in April 2011.

3) She recently wrote a letter of concern to Harry after the Taliban attacked Camp Bastion, according to the Mirror.

4) Powell said in an interview last year that the princes were “just like any other children,” and treated them “like my grandsons.” 

5) Powell wasn’t afraid to discipline the future king.

6) The former Kate Middleton wasn’t the only important gal at William’s passing-out at Sandhurst in 2006.  Powell was also a guest.

7)  Powell was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal in 2000, gifted personally by Queen Elizabeth II (the Duchess of Cornwall was recently awarded with the honor).