7 Reasons To Watch ‘The Hunger Games’ This Weekend

March 24th, 2012 // 3 Comments
'The Hunger Games'
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Holy Katniss, Batman! If there’s anything anyone that lives anywhere should be doing this weekend, it’s grabbing one of the hottest tickets in town. It’s time to start The Hunger Games! If you find yourself asking, “what’s a hunger game?”, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The zeitgeisty movie is being talked about on every channel, written about on every blog, and gabbed about by your friends, family and co-workers. Hell, parents are actually naming their kids “Katniss” and “Mockingjay” for Gossip’s sake. We’re not kidding when we say it’s going to be big.

The film about kids in the not so distant future forced to enter a televised fight to the death has become so ubiquitous that when people see the name “Peeta,” they know it’s not a misspelling of a piece of flat bread. From the start, the film has been entrenched in hysteric excitement and its own share of controversy. Still need convincing? Regardless if you’re a fanatic or haven’t read the books, check out our 7 reasons to indulge in The Hunger Games this weekend by launching the gallery.

By Jazz Trice

  1. dus

    kind of an old story that everyone my age has probably heard like 100 times already…stoopid hollywood…really getting sick of all you socialites. enough of the BS…enough of the HYPE…you guys are so fake. what i really want to see is WRATH OF THE TITANS!

  2. drabrasil

    my sons and hubby dont even know what it is.
    and I definitelly wont go to see it.
    calling it blockbuster before the premiere ? BS.

  3. Paul

    Your sons and hubby need to get off the computer games and check it out lol. And yes, it is a HUGE blockbuster. Clash of the Titans stunk. The older version was way better story. Wrath will probably stink too

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