7 Gay Anthems Better Than ‘Born This Way’

February 11th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Oh Gaga…your attempt at a gay anthem has not yet worked. I challenge you to do better. And the thing is, some songs weren’t even geared toward the gay community, but they were adopted as such. Whereas others – cough:::Kylie:::cough – were absolutely written for pride parades until the end of time.

Sure you may reference transgendered folk in your song, but you’ve not come close to these songs, which have been, continue to be, and will always be better anthems for the LGBTQ community…

We’ve missed tons, what are some other great gay anthems?





and one to grow on…



By Justin Thompson

  1. Matheus

    totally right,
    i agree
    thumbs up

  2. tinky winky

    buncha queers

  3. butterscotch

    I love how all the decisions on its worth “have” to be made the day the single comes out. hahahahaha.

    The dance floors will decide what or if it’s a gay anthem. I am guessing it will be huge! (but that’s just my opinion.)

  4. weaselicious

    There’s a few in “you’re” list of seven that are less anthemic than Gaga’s effort. Please learn to use apostrophes correctly.

  5. Ash

    The problem with your criticism is that you assume Born this Way is intended to be a Gay anthem.

    Its an everybody anthem, and as a transgender person (who is sick of being left out of the stereotypical queer community for long enough) I am honoured to have been included in her song, which is the anthem of acceptance.

    Those songs you listed are the very songs that highschoolers use to tease all the queer kids- for them, those aren’t Anthems. They’re Slave Names. (Oh yeah, I went there. I compared Gay Rights to Civil Rights.)

    You’re selection is all so stereotpically Queer that they immediately bring up images of glitzy drag queens and limp-wristed gays- and that is JUST not true about this community, which includes so much more.

    Fail list is fail.

  6. ben

    yes these anthems are stereotypically gay THATS THE POINT.
    the gay community is vast and wide and all the colours of the rainbow, drag queens and tranvestites are the most controversial aspects of the gay community and embody the struggle that the LGBT community has had to gain our most basic rights, the singers of these songs gave us support in a time where we where the most hated group of people on earth and the diva aspect of these anthems shows the fighting spirit that has kept this community alive all these years, GAGA’s born this way is not a gay anthem it is an anthem that surpasses all colours and creeds and is better than any gay anthem because of it as is isnt bias to any race or sexual orientation. what annoys me is members of the gay community who want to be as straight looking as possible, well the LGBT community has worked to damn hard for people to jump back in the closet of appearance, gay,queer,lesbian,dyke,tranny,bisexual whatever someone happens to be they shoulod not have to be ashamed of the image they give the gay community THAT is what these songs are about, letting our flame burn as bright as we damn well want it to !

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