7 Celebs More Photogenic Than Zeddie Little [PHOTOS]

April 12th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Fine, Zeddie Little has a charming face with pearly, white teeth.  However, I do not find him to be the most photogenic man – nay – person I have ever laid eyes on.  In fact, I dare say I’ve met far more photogenic people in my time than Little, who goes by the name “Watkins.”

Just so we all squared away, I collected photos of seven dreamy celebrities whom I believe are photogenic.  Yes, they are celebrities, BUT they are so very handsome and make me blush.  Ergo, the very sight of their faces (more or less symmetrical, as photogenicism calls for) are reason enough to challenge Little, 25.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. “7 Celebs More Photogenic Than Zeddie Little?”

    Not really.

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