7 Best Performances From The 2013 Grammy Awards [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest, as great as it is finding out who is one step closer to an EGOT, the Grammy Awards are all about the performances! The producers know this, the audiences know this and the performers know this.

This year everyone came out with their best foot forward for a year of some truly great and entertaining performances. Sure not all of it was totally on key–*cough Taylor Swift *cough* Fun * cough–but we loved it anyway!

Check out SOCIALITE LIFE’s picks for the 7 best performances from the 2013 Grammys after the jump. They’re not in any specific order, but they’re all awesome!

What do you think of our picks? Did your favorite make our list? Sound off in the comments!


1. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z performing “Suit & Tie” and “Pusher Love”
This was all classic Justin and we loved it! First of all, he looked super sexy, second of all, he sounded super sexy! The sepia hue at the beginning was awesome, as was Jay-Z. Can’t wait for his new album to be released!


2. Taylor Swift performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
I’ll admit, this one was a bit weird at first. Is she going for Alice In Wonderland? Is she going for circus? Is she even singing in the right key (sometimes)? So many questions, but the more I watched it, the more in grew on me. You can’t deny that Taylor knows what she’s doing. Also there’s the supposed Harry Styles shout out which is fun. You can check it out at 2:15 when Taylor tries a supposedly British accent.


3. Ed Sheeran & Elton John performing “The A Team”
This performance was my personal favorite because I love Ed Sheeran, I love Elton John and I love “The A Team.” In case you’re wondering why the duo performed together, it’s cause Elton is amazing. He knew Ed wanted to perform so Elton himself asked the Grammy committee. They said Ed could perform only if Elton joined along. So he did and we get the awesomeness before you!


4. Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna, Ziggy Marley & Damian Marley performing “Locked Out Of Heaven,” “Walking On The Moon” and “Could You Be Loved” during a tribute to Bob Marley
This performance was gorgeous as it showed the ways Bob Marley is still an influence on music. You start off with Bruno Mars showing the contemporary influence, then take a step back to Sting and his work with The Police showing the 80s influence and finally, you make your way back to the man himself with Rihanna and Bob’s sons Ziggy and Damian singing the hits from the man himself. Fantastic!


5. Fun performing “Carry On”
Ready for it? Fun was so much fun! I went there, you’re welcome. The Grammy winners graced the stage for a performance of their current hit, Carry On. Again, some of it was a little off-key, but they’re singing in the rain so who cares! Also, I love how they all keep wiping the water off their faces. Good times.


6. T. Bone Burnett, Mavis Staples, Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes & Elton John perform “The Weight” by The Band as a tribute Levon Helm
Talk about things that make you cry! During a tribute to those we lost in music this year, some of the best voices got together to sing the crazy good song, The Weight by The Band. It was not only a tribute to Levon Helm, The Band’s lead singer, and others we lost, but also to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Sadly, the full performance wasn’t available, but the highlights are still awesome!


7. The Black Keys, Dr. John & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform “Lonely Boy”
Oh, The Black Keys. You guys know how to rock and I love it! Not only did The Black Keys win a whole bunch of Grammys, but they also had one of the coolest performances with their hit “Lonely Boy.” It was beautiful, it was fun and it made me want a jazz band following me around all the time.


Bonus Video! While all of the performances this year were great–I’m super sad I couldn’t find a video of Jack White rocking out–none of them come close to the glory that was Ricky Martin performing “Cup Of Life” at the 1999 Grammy Awards. It is presented here for your viewing pleasure!