6-Year-Old Hurricane Hero

September 7th, 2005 // 27 Comments

While CNN is making crazy headlines out of the Mayor of New Orleans’ soundbites, the heartbreak on the Gulf coast continues.

In the chaos that was Causeway Boulevard, this group of evacuees stood out: a 6-year-old boy walking down the road, holding a 5-month-old, surrounded by five toddlers who followed him around as if he were their leader.

They were holding hands. Three of the children were about 2 years old, and one was wearing only diapers. A 3-year-old girl had her 14-month-old brother in tow. The 6-year-old spoke for all of them, and he said his name was Deamonte Love.

After their rescue Thursday, paramedics in the Baton Rouge rescue operations headquarters tried to coax their names out of them.

Transporting the children alone was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, knowing that their parents are either dead” or that they had been abandoned, said Pat Coveney, a Houston emergency medical technician who put them into the back of his ambulance and drove them out of New Orleans.

“It goes back to the same thing,” he said. “How did a 6-year-old end up being in charge of six babies?”

This puts life in perspective doesn’t it? Try and remember this story the next time something trivial pisses you off. We have it so easy right now.

Here are two great sites that have links in regards to locating information about areas hit by the hurricane, as well as helping locate individuals.

6-year-old becomes a hero to band of toddlers, rescuers [Houston Chronicle]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    Everytime I see or hear Nagin I ask myself the same question.

    How in the hell did this guy get the job?

    Then again, we do have Bush in office.

  2. Laura Lord Belle

    Um..sorry, not aware ..why is Nagin not a good mayor all of a sudden? I am here in Canada
    and it seems to us that he is doing a great job… details?

  3. Lisa

    Simply for the way he speaks, he sounds like a bumbling idiot, hence the connection with Bush.

    Get it?

  4. Jaki

    I get amazed when I hear people say stuff like that about Mayor Nagin, he is the only one who has done something! He even accepted blame for what he didn’t do enough off since the tragedy he has been visibly doing everything! to me he is the hero. He forced everyone including the president to move thier asses and do something to help this poor victims….Americans at that! I’m from Africa and its a sad day in the world then the “superpower” crambles this embarrasingly and fails its own people this badly. What a shame. It must be humbling at the same time I image.

  5. ???

    I also think he’s doing the best he can. Most polititians would have fled long ago. He is there everyday, doing all he can to get people in there to help him. It’s not his fault the government had no plan. It’s so easy to judge when you still have a home.

  6. doofus

    when I read this story on the AP wire (or wherever) it made me cry. that 6 year old is a LOT more mature than some of our elected officials. but the story does have a happy ending as all the children were reunited with their parents.

    the one person who I question how he got the job is not so much the mayor of NO, but the guy in charge of FEMA. besides being bush’s friend, the guy has NO qualifications that I’ve heard of. his previous job was as a horse trainer!

  7. Anna

    I agree, it is much easier to judge from our homes that weren’t affected, and I realize hindsight is 20/20, but this disaster wasn’t a suprise, and neither was the fact that many of New Orleans poor citizens didn’t have means of transportation with which to leave town. Busing some of those people out over the weekend would’ve been a nice complement to the “Mandatory Evacuation” issued that not everyone was able to comply with.

  8. Jane

    Doofus, I could kiss your face. Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been saying for days now. THIS is what happens when you have an idiot as a “leader” whose bigger priority is placating his rich, undeserving friends in positions for which they are not qualified.

  9. Jasmine

    Lisa, Bush sounds like a bumbling idiot on any given day. Nagin sounds like a bumbling “idiot” because he is doesn’t have time to practice being eloquent in front of the cameras. He’s actually busy rescuing people. Can that little cowboy-boot wearing simian say the same thing? He’s a piece of work for sure and by work, I mean SHIT!

  10. Louisiana girl

    I’ve lived in Louisiana all of my life, and I just wanted to make people aware of something that is probably not commonly known in other places.

    New Orleans has never issued a mandatory evacuation, and not because it hasn’t been necessary or advisable. Rather, because everyone knows that so many of its residents would never be able to comply with such an order, one has never been issued. This has been the standard practice for years and years.

    I believe Mayor Ray Nagin is to be commended. When all other Louisiana politicians throughout time have chosen to ignore reality and have failed to seek potential solutions for the problem of mandatory evacuation by simply never issuing one, Mayor Nagin took the hard stand. Yes, it is unfortunate that there was not a plan in place to effect a compliance with the evacuation, but just the fact that it was issued is a monumental “first,” and a step in the right direction.

    Mayor Nagin has courage, and as is evident from his words and demeanor in the past several days, he cares deeply about his people. I wish that Louisiana–and the federal government for that matter–were fortunate enough to have many more like him instead of the ineffectual and glib mouthpieces that most politicans strive to be.

  11. Icequeen

    Nobody ever deny that boy a piece of candy in his life ever again.

  12. I agree with Miu that we should keep stories like this in consideration the next time we complain over something trivial. It pisses me off when I hear people say things like “That (insert explitive here) Katrina. Because of that, our gas prices have skyrocketed.” When I hear that, I immediately remind that person that thousands have died, are homeless, lost everything they had, and will continue to die because of Katrina. We have nothing to complain about in regards to Katrina.

  13. Chinchilla

    Jesus that is heartbreaking.

  14. Natalie

    Ummm…Lisa, in times of need, actions speak louder than words. Mayor Nagin can speak in EUBONICS in five different languages as long as he keeps helping out his fellow citizens. Who cares how a person speaks, dress, what race a person is as long as that person can help. I can NOT say that for Bush, FEMA leader Brown, or even the Senator of Louisiana. All those WELL SPOKEN YAHOOS haven’t rushed in to help the city.

    Laughable that Bush chose Senator Lott as the person to stand next to in his first address from a devastated city. Comparing Lott and the house that he’s lost to all the poor people who have no means to rebuild.

    No, Mayor Nagin is not an idiot. He’s frustrated, and emotionally distressed. I’d probably be that way or worse off. Try speaking eloquently when you see dead bodies in the street being eaten by rats, and people (babies and old people) dying of heat exhaustion/dehydration.

    In other words, cut the man some slack. None of us are perfect.

  15. Lisa

    Okay, okay I take it back, Nagin is not an idiot! I was merely stating that even before Katrina hit I noticed his disjointed speech. Geez, take it easy people, this is a website about clothes, celebrities, and gossip. Not politics!!!

    And just for the record Natalie, I said nothing about Nagin speaking in Eubonics, (think you meant Ebonics) you did.

  16. Natalie

    What I’m trying to say that he could be speak any way he wants as long as he’s helping his citizens.

  17. Mimi

    Anyone who has anything bad to say about Ray Nagin should check their facts and then apologize. That man is a hero. If he had been listened to or cooperated with, the situation in New Orleans would never have gotten out of hand. He gave his heart and soul and his extremely clear thought, and did everything he could but the cooperation and resources he needed were not forthcoming, and some of the mistakes he made were because he made his plans based on having certain assistance that was promised him that never came.

    Listen to this interview, and then see if you change your mind:


    I only hope and pray that if I’m ever caught in an emergency situation I am fortunate enough to have Ray Nagin or someone like him in charge.

    In fact, I hope he runs for President, and wins. I’d much rather have our country in his hands than in the hands of …well, never mind. We know what that’s about.

  18. What do you expect President Bush to do? Come to New Orleans for months and help with evacuations, rebuilding, etc.? The moment President Bush even picked up a hammer, people would be bitching about “He needs to be in the White House overseeing the country and nationwide relief efforts.”

    I blame President Bush for many things, but to criticize him for not getting in the streets and helping with repairs and evacuation is sheer lunacy.

  19. Mimi

    Has someone criticied Bush for not getting in the streets and helping with the repairs? I hadn’t heard that.

  20. jim

    Bush is a dope ths dickweed was on vacation 2 days INOT the Katrina debacle. He should be chastized for it. Nagin did his best, but the GOV should be tarred and feathered. That upity bitch stayed up north until it was popular to come down south with the poor folks and greive. What a BITCH!!!!

  21. Chinchilla

    Angelina Jolie is bonkers.

    Look at her history:

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    Was a self-confessed heroin addict
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    Yes she exploits the lack of reproductive choices available to third world women.

    After all, why would Whorelina want to do anything to make birth control and family planning more available to third world women.

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    What a self-involved publicity seeking whore.

  22. Thanks for this wonderful story. It made me cry to think of the weight that was on his poor little shoulders. He is still a baby himself. If I was his mommy my heart would burst with pride.
    for my thoughts on the hurricane situation

  23. to Chinchilla

    Get a life will you? The story is NOT about Angelina. Why don’t you take your sick obsesssion and hatred to a more appropriate place.

    You must be like 17 yrs old MAX!! Get your ass out of the celeb tabloids and read the news you dumbass!

  24. angry

    How can ANYONE possibly defend dumbass twat of a president Bush at a time like this?

    Dont you see he’s destroying our country and everything that was built in just a few short years?

    The fucker waited 5 days, FIVE days before sending any help!! Lotsa ppl could’ve been saved!!! Imagine that was you and your family sitting on that roof for 5 days?????

  25. Susan

    That little boy is amazing. I want to start a college fund for him! Somebody did a great job raising him and he is little more than a baby himself. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about how brave he was.

  26. Stop Crying

    Mimi said:
    Anyone who has anything bad to say about Ray Nagin should check their facts and then apologize. That man is a hero. If he had been listened to or cooperated with, the situation in New Orleans would never have gotten out of hand. He gave his heart and soul and his extremely clear thought, and did everything he could but the cooperation and resources he needed were not forthcoming, and some of the mistakes he made were because he made his plans based on having certain assistance that was promised him that never came.

    Oh, Please. What a hero. He had buses and he didn’t use them. He had plenty of time to evacuate but waited till the day before despite the urging of Bush over the weekend. He had to loot Office Depot to get his communication equipment. The Super Dome had not even one days worth of supplies. He never had any police there. He told his people to go over to gretna and they were turned away by the police. What has he done right? Nothing. Oh wait he is the Black Hero. My bad. Bush is the Evil White Devil. It’s also funny that after Bush accepts responsiblity for the mistakes all the Democrats step up and take to brunt. It’s funny how not one of the Dem’s would accept responsibility. They were all busy pointing the finger at Bush. Now its the “cool” thing to do. What a crock. The Democratic party is in it’s death gurgles. Ray Nagins public commetns are real befitting of a political leader. He called the Admiral of the Coast Guard a “Crowned Federal Mayor” because his dumb ass wanted to let peopel back into a polluted city that is probably about to be hit again by Hurricae Rita. What a moron.

  27. democrats suck

    democrats suck

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