Jeremy Jackson Thinks Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

July 30th, 2011 // 5 Comments

While filming the latest season Celebrity Rehab, the Baywatch hunk, Jeremy Jackson, known as Hobie, claims that bottled water is a source of bisexuality. Yes, you read that correctly, Jeremy Jackson believes the chemicals in bottled water will alter his heterosexuality and cause him to desire with other men. Keep in mind, Jackson is on the popular reality rehab show to nix his addiction to cattle tranquilizer steroids.

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According to Zap2It, upon Jackson’s diva-like arrival to the ranch where the show is being filmed, he brought a truck stuffed to the brim with various essentials. Among other things, he brought a large water filter.

A staff member asked him,

“What about bottled water? Are you okay with bottled water?”

He  replied,

“In a pinch. The plastic leeches and causes cancer and bisexuality, it’s been linked directly.”

Just to recap, according to Jackson, bottled water is toxic but cattle tranquilizer steroids are suitable to put into one’s body? Good luck, Dr. Drew.

By Cecelia Neihouser

  1. pauline

    sounds like he always loved the dick but looking to blame something for his gayness

  2. stemaleo

    I thought I had heard all the excuses from self hating closet homosexuals, but this is by far the most out there. Come clean Jeremy Creepson and then maybe all your other problems will solve themselves.

  3. PierceMN

    Is this guy brain dead? Has he ever traveled outside his own head? Bottled water causes bixsexuality? Right, and I’m the queen of Romania. Where’s my tiara? Sounds like this man is a complete and utter moron, whose brain is wedged between those pretentious guns, or lower. What a fool, to project his stupidity so viviidly. Put him in that class with Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin!!

  4. Oscar

    It is true but only if one sits on the bottle while doing one’s wife.It is super bi…

  5. Science Mom

    Just so you eggheads (and that includes you, Cecelia) have a bit of science to use to interpret what Jeremy was referring to, plastic #1 bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, which has been linked to cancer, as has plastic #3, which is made from polyvinyl chloride/PVC. Bottles with PVC are known to leach hormone-disrupting chemicals into the fluids they’re storing and also will release synthetic carcinogens into the environment when burned. This has been known for well over 30 years.

    Plastic #6, polystyrene/PS also leaches carcinogens into the foods & liquids stored in it. But the real winner is plastic #7 — used in some kinds of water bottles (including the popular Nalgene bottles). One of the chemicals in #7 is Bisphenol A (BPA), which interferes with the body’s natural hormonal messaging system and has been linked to breast cancer, uterine cancer, increased risk of miscarriage, and decreased testosterone levels. Don’t believe me? Look it up…

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