6 Reasons Why You Should be Watching ‘Hart of Dixie’ [PHOTOS]

Rachel Bilson
What is Bilson doing to that dog?
With little fanfare, The CW hit, Hart of Dixie has built itself a solid fan base.

Why?   Because in a world where shows are often measured by the size of its budget, ‘Hart’ gets back to basics, with romance, Southern style and of course, gorgeous guys and gals.

In today’s gallery, we’ll  give you six good reasons why you should be watching this fun show.   From hot guys and gals, to  romantic love triangles, Hart of Dixie brings a little bit of everything to the table – but still manages to do it all well.   Star Rachel Bilson anchors it all with her best performance to date.

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The star of Hart of Dixie has serious TV roots.

Rachel Bilson is the face of Hart of Dixie, but plenty of fans remember her as Summer on the Fox hit The O.C.   She brings heart and soul to her latest project – and of course, movie star good looks to boot.  Bilson has also appeared, albeit briefly, on a number of top shows, including: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chuck and That 70’s Show.