5 Theories On Suri Cruise’s Leg Markings

June 23rd, 2010 // Leave a Comment

A sleepy Suri Cruise was seen yesterday with mom Katie Holmes but this time the fashionista tot wasn’t wearing her heels or dressed to kill. She was swaddled in a blanket in Katie’s arms, with her legs apparently covered in blue marker. Theories on this:

1. The first of a multi-part process to turn into an Avatar-inspired creature.

2. Henna for a traditional Indian wedding on the playground.

3. Scientology voodoo wherein the marker draws a map to the great ship in the desert.

4. Expression of a natural and true talent, following the footsteps of greats like Kat Von D.

5. Acting out because she stole Sara’s pen during ‘heads down’ time and had to stand in the corner for five minute.

According to dad Tom Cruise, “She’s very much like her mother…she will not wear trousers, only dresses.” Which leaves me wondering who is wearing the pants in that family?

By Justin Thompson

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