Lea Michele On And Off Screen

Glee is one of the largest cult phenomenons to hit prime time television since The O.C. That is in large part due to the vocals and attitude of resident goody two-shoes Rachel Berry. Or more relevantly, the actress who plays her, Lea Michele. Gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan for the UK in June’s issue, Lea opens up. Unlike her TV persona, she says she was not the good-goody type in high school. “I loved to have fun. I never did drugs. Acting always came first. I was lucky, because I really believed in who I was.” Although the starlet knew who she was and where she wanted to go, she also knew where she wouldn’t.  “I knew I wasn’t going to end up on a Disney half-hour show. I mean, look at me! I don’t look like those girls. I just wanted to do a guest appearance on something like ‘Grey’s Anatomy.” Well little did she know she would be making headlines not spouting out two lines in a fleeting guest appearance.

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In addition she touched on a more personal subject, her nose. While there has been speculation on whether or not she has had surgery on the facial feature, she maintains that she thought about it but simply states “I’m sooo thankful that I didn’t.” As is with vocal performers, this type of elective surgery can be detrimental to the unique sound of one’s voice and should therefore be avoided. I’m sure everyone who enjoys their weekly Glee-fix is thankful she protected her instrument.