Jennifer Lopez Toning Up and Tuning In

Jennifer Lopez has had the career of a lifetime and still managed to find the man of her dreams and create two beautiful, a boy and girl twins! Absolute perfection. With her recent stint on American Idol only fueling the flames, Jennifer is bounding to the top. Unfortunately, husband Marc Anthony is not exactly thrilled with the whole situation. While Jennifer’s career is on the up, Marc was hoping she would keep things light and spend much of her time at home raising their two children. According to InTouch,  Jennifer feels like she has to work to support their lavish lifestyle, even more to Marc’s dismay.

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In addition, Marc is complaining about his wife’s recent 10 pound weight loss. He “doesn’t want her to turn into one of those super-skinny Hollywood types.” In fact, the source adds, “He wants her to gain weight.” While she may be looking svelte and sporty in a fitted black turtleneck, she is a dancer and performer who is finally through the pregnancy process. Who can blame her for testing her limits? She looks good and honestly, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t think so too.