50’s Baby-Mama’s Eyes Just Got Bigger

50 Cent recently hit pay dirt when the parent company of Vitamin Water, Glaceau, was purchased by Coca-Cola. The buy-out was for $4.1 billion, and 50’s ownership in the company has earned him $100 million in one fell swoop. And his baby-mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, was thrilled to hear the news. Tompkins, who is the mother of the couple’s 10-year-old son, Marquise Jackson, is anxious discuss 50’s altered financial situation and how it will affect his child support payments for Marquise in court. From Page Six:

Her lawyer, Raoul Felder, told us, “This will be a subject of the trial.” A lawyer for the rapper says, “The extent of his worth is irrelevant. He always has and always will support his son.”

Screw putting money in a 401k. I need to have a rich rapper’s baby. Someone get me a Wonderbra and some fertility pills. Mama’s going investin’!


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