50′s Baby-Mama’s Eyes Just Got Bigger

June 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

50 Cent recently hit pay dirt when the parent company of Vitamin Water, Glaceau, was purchased by Coca-Cola. The buy-out was for $4.1 billion, and 50′s ownership in the company has earned him $100 million in one fell swoop. And his baby-mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, was thrilled to hear the news. Tompkins, who is the mother of the couple’s 10-year-old son, Marquise Jackson, is anxious discuss 50′s altered financial situation and how it will affect his child support payments for Marquise in court. From Page Six:

Her lawyer, Raoul Felder, told us, “This will be a subject of the trial.” A lawyer for the rapper says, “The extent of his worth is irrelevant. He always has and always will support his son.”

Screw putting money in a 401k. I need to have a rich rapper’s baby. Someone get me a Wonderbra and some fertility pills. Mama’s going investin’!


By Lisa Timmons

  1. You are so funny Lisa. Fitty cent may have hit pay dirt but I hope his babies mommies drive him nuts.

  2. People say girls in hip hop viseos degrade women no its girls doing this warren buffet was filthy rich well is and he did not hook his kids up with cash. Why do people asssume income increase means child support increase did taking care of the child expenses really change. I know you have horror stories but come on im sure a 10 yeear old is not going to need the bentley the mom will convienintly have after support increase.

  3. April

    Child support = 13% of income.. if income imncrease 100 mil in one year… child support increases 769 230 769 dollars

    PS lisa you are the funniest i just spit water all over my work and need to start over. crap.. thats not funny.

    but you are.

  4. April

    I mean 13 000 000. Did the equation backwards

  5. I just posted my 50 interview and let’s jus say it was..interesting..he’s a..character

  6. Jane

    Those straight formulas are for poor (and middle class) folks, not rich people.

  7. tee

    With all the recent events with 50 and his baby moms all i can say is she just didnt know how to play her position… it goes like this ……shaniqua i am gonna tell you boo how you fucked up first ….. the man is street smart he finagled and finessed his way to where he is and he did it by watching what happened from the west coast east coast rivalry that Suge started between you know who and who ( rest in peace BIG and PAC ) and made his empire from sittin and thinkin anysituation has only two ways of ending or growing all it need is a seed and thought an manisfestation ( he did that) and Shaniqua boo where is your brain you gonna let a man up in his crib, in the whip he payin for, spendin the child support paper he gives you hell i dont blame neither one of them homeboy for wantin to eat and 50 for puttin yo stupid ass where you at now come on boo he shut down a record company you just a small fry this man is brilliant and what ever you think your next move is he already check mated you, wise up sista you had a good thang and the NI@@A that you was screwing was whispering up in yo ear telling you how to eat off 50 and now look neither on of ya eatin LEARN TO PLAY YA PART it may be to late 50 dont look like or seem like the forgiving type listen to Buck cryin lmao i say wake up “LET IT GO” take ya ass to school & get a degree cause lil man is soon to be 18 and you know what that means yup no child support

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