50 Cent Dishes On Vivica Fox To Tyra Banks

The last time anyone heard anything about the ill-fated relationship between Vivica Fox and 50 Cent, the former flames were not on the best of terms.

But during a recent interview with Tyra Banks, the rapper revealed that he’s buried the hatchet with his ex-girlfriend. Fiddy explains, “I said, ‘You got to stop fighting and be in my video.'” He also claims that the twosome dated for about a year, as opposed to the commonly-held belief that they were together for only a month.

As for the song itself, Fiddy says, “The song’s about when relationships don’t work, and when I explained it to her it kind of intensified what the song was about. And it’s now being a visual with the public sees us as that relationship that didn’t work.” Fascinating. Can’t wait to see what she’s wearing in the video.

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