50 Glee Songs We Love [PHOTOS]

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With episode two, season four of Glee premiering last night I can’t think of a better time to showcase some of their best songs. These songs stretch from season one all the way up to the episode titled Britney 2.0.

All of the music is phenomenal, but some songs just stand out more than any others. They can’t do wrong with Adele, Lady Gaga, or even Florence + The Machine. I’m actually hoping to see more of the latter band. Florence has been getting more publicity due to her amazing music. “No Light, No Light”, anyone?

Their episodes which are dedicated to one musician are some of the best episodes. Both Britney Spears episodes have been great, just like the Michael Jackson one. Out of all of them, the episode inspired by Jackson really tells the best story.

More great songs are coming this season, including No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.” Something tells me that episode is going to be the most emotional yet.

Browse our gallery to see if your favorite songs made the cut. If not, which great ones did we miss?