These Are the 5 Things That Tom Daley Couldn’t Live Without

22-year-old Olympic diver Tom Daley revealed to Express the five things that he cannot live without. The list includes his favorite dessert and a stuffed animal.


Tom Daley and his mom

I think it is so important to surround yourself with people who love and understand you.

My career as a diver means the world to me but it can be stressful and there is an awful lot of work involved.

So spending time with my mum and two brothers in Plymouth or being at home with Lance makes me feel nurtured and supported.

I am lucky enough to have some wonderful friends too, whom I always enjoy hanging out with. When I’m with them I can really relax and just be me.



I have a huge appetite and a ridiculously sweet tooth which can be a challenge when I’m training as I have to stay in shape and follow a very strict diet.

However I am a great believer in moderation and in between training sessions and competitions I allow myself the odd treat.

My favorite indulgence of all is baked vanilla cheesecake, preferably with salted caramel.

I also have a terrible weakness for ice cream. I cannot resist anything with nuts and chocolate and if I’m on a break from competing I like nothing more than a crêpe filled with Nutella.


Tom Daley

I have always been very active and apart from diving I enjoy swimming, cycling, squash and yoga.

I try to go to the gym as often as I can too, as I begin to feel quite sluggish if I don’t exercise.

As a spectator I love watching traditional Olympic sports, especially gymnastics, which is surprisingly similar to diving.

Although both my brothers play rugby, it is not a game I particularly follow and I’m afraid to say that I probably know more about astrophysics than I do about football.

Because I spend so much time in the pool, I always seem to miss all the big matches and tournaments.


Like most people my age I am ridiculously addicted to my phone. I particularly enjoy Instagram as it is a great way of seeing what people are up to.

As a food-obsessed animal-lover, my feed seems to be full of delicious meals and cute puppies. Apart from the food and pet envy, I like to see what people are wearing and where they are going too.


Tom Daley lucky monkey

As a child I was obsessed with monkeys and spent years badgering my parents for a pet one. At eight I was invited to my first diving camp but, nervous to leave my parents, I said I’d only go if they got me a trampoline and a monkey.

When I got home there was a trampoline in the garden and they had bought me a cute stuffed monkey. From that moment on Lucky Monkey became my mascot and secret talisman and I took him with me to every completion.

Recently he didn’t make it into my suitcase and I was really worried that I would do badly. But when I nailed the competition I realised I’d been silly to be so superstitious.

Nevertheless, if I’m competing I still bring Lucky Monkey along for the ride.

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