5 Reasons To Love British Reality Stars [PHOTOS]

Nothing gives me more joy (right now) than to watch The Only Way Is Essex, followed by appearances by the cast at awards show that A) Make no sense B) Carry no weight.

After many a water cooler discussion with colleagues, here are my top reasons for loving British reality stars.

1) British reality stars could care less that they’re making a fool of themselves.  To my friend’s point (who, by the by, is British): They don’t pretend to be anything other than the silly, fame-lovin’ hams that they are.

2) The accent, no matter how working class, always makes a British reality star a smidge more bearable than his or her American counterpart.  I’d much rather listen to Amy Childs talk about the magic of vajazzling than hear Snooki recount the previous night’s hook-up with Deena Cortese. Gag me. 

3) Bronzer and tanning makes everything, everything infinitely better.  Look at Tom Kilbey.  It’s as if he stole my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, diced it up and smeared it all over his face and neck.  And this guy is an athlete.

4) Unlike most of their island neighbors, British reality stars feel the need to be talk about their feelings all the time.  This contradicts the “stiff upper-lip” assumption most Americans have had about Brits for centuries.  But again, they do it with an accent, which makes it ok.

5) British reality stars will always show up at the European premiere of an American movie in lieu of actual British actors.  This makes us Yanks think, “Wait, am I supposed to be paying attention to the gal with stage makeup all over her face?”  Well played, British reality stars.  Well played.