5 Names Kate Middleton & Prince William Should Totally Give To The Royal Baby

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Ladies and gents, we are just days away from the most exciting thing that’s going to happen this summer: the birth of the royal baby!

The future Prince or Princess of Cambridge, as the baby is set to be titled, should be popping its head out within the next few days.

Now, while we’re sure that Prince William and Duchess Catherine are on top of their stuff and have already picked out the perfect name, we thought we’d throw 5 in there just for the fun of it. You never know, they might like one! 

Since we’re not sure if it’s a prince or a princess, we’re giving them a few options. We decided on just first names, no middle names. Although you can be pretty sure that if it’s a girl, Diana will be a middle name.

Launch the gallery to check out our 5 picks. Have any yourself? Let us know in the comments!