4 Minutes, OK 20 Seconds Of Madonna’s New Video

April 3rd, 2008 // 15 Comments

Warner Brothers would like you to watch this video instead.

By Michael Prieve

  1. peachpie

    amended comment after seeing the entire video:

    technically speaking, it’s a great video. excellent graphics, animations and whatnot. awesome.

    the music is just so-so for me, dawg (randy is my long lost cousin) i just wasn’t feelin’ it. it sounds too much like so much i’ve already heard. dance music in a gay club — big whoop.

    jt looks like he’s having fun; madonna looks like she’s got something to prove. it almost, almost make me feel just a teeny bit embarassed for her. given her age and her careeer — it’s awesome — but, still…. she seems to be struggling just a little too hard to be hip, cool, relevant, insert-your-own-word-of-choice-here.

    i’m sure it will sell well because of both of their reps, but i think i’ll take a pass. i’ll hear it 100 times a day anyway on every kids’ cellphone ringer.

  2. rootabega


  3. An

    I wasn’t crazy about it soundwise. Oddly, the only thing I liked were Timbalands bit in the beginning and JT’s opening line. After that, while Madonna looks good, she seems freakishly stiff.

  4. rootabega

    well An, the woman is 108 years old. cut her some slack. the song will now be stuck in my head for days.

  5. Infectious

    It’ll be huge…

  6. fifth_miracle

    I’m going with a < >Its not bad and its not good either. In the immortal words of Sean Connery…

    “I am waiting to be impressed”>>>

    All in all, I like the video (effects etc) and the Timbaland stuff was kewl>but its not something I would go out and buy. Madonna seemed a little stiff>>probably all that heavy weight lifting, yoga and pilates>>oh wait and plastic surgery she does on the regular>)

    Better luck next time;)

  7. Joy

    Ditto here fifth_miracle. My sentiment exacty.

  8. Joy

    Ditto here fifth_miracle. My sentiment exacty.

  9. blah

    Same tired garbage.

  10. Persistent Cat

    I thought it would be better. Although I’ve never been a fan of her dancing, I thought there’d be a major dance-off scene but didn’t really get that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s much better than what’s out there in that genre but I thought between Madonna, JT and Timbaland, I’d be blown away.

    Sadly for them, the bar will always be set too high.

  11. trudster

    Justin was OK….but really….it’s not impressive at all. A few cool effects, but so what? Madonna sucked.

  12. person

    Video concept = cool; Timbaland = cool; Timberlake = cool. Madonna = ick.

    She shouldn’t have done this. She showed that she can’t sing very well by trying to sing with JT. She proved that she can’t rap by trying to rap/speak the verses after Timbaland. She proved that she can’t dance worth a damn by dancing by JT. Falling into yoga poses followed by some sorry attempt at breakdancing is not dancing. She made me realize how old she is and how desperate she is to remain a part of pop culture. I cringed at her.

    I agree with peachpie, I was embarrassed for her.

  13. Loob

    She’s looking all Courtney Love in that still shot. Is that what she was going for?

  14. Zekers

    Okay. Madonna is what, 50 now? She is in impressive physical condition and she is an icon; but, it just doesn’t really work anymore. If she didn’t have J.T., Timberland and the awesome graphics in this video, it would just be same old, same old, ’cause she’s the same old, same old.

    I agree with Peachpie as well, a little embarrassed for Madge.

  15. sandy

    ditto everyone’s comments
    song is ok
    background music is catchy
    jt’s lead vocals are great
    madonna’s small parts are ok-her voice is nasal-ey
    video has some neat parts (neat is one of madonna’s favorite words a la kevin costner)
    but it’s basically typical madonna running/dancing around in a leotard and high heel boots
    notice when she dances, her mouth is always open!
    too funny

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