45 Great Songs From 2000-2005 [PHOTOS]

End Of The Road
What are the best songs after a break-up?
Music is always a big part of our lives. If you’re anything like me, you listen to music almost every second of every day. It can relax you, make you excited, or help tell a story. Sometimes when words fail, music can convey how you’re feeling.

Often times, we debate what decade had the best music. Was it the 1980’s? How about the 1990’s? I personally think that the 2000’s had some pretty fantastic music. To this day I find myself dancing in my seat to some of the music I loved five, maybe even ten years ago.

Remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were together and their faces were on every single teen magazine? 2000-2002 were good years for them, despite their unfortunate break-up. It’s strange how much can happen in ten years. Two weddings, three engagements, and two children for Spears, while Timberlake is merely engaged. I remember when news broke of his relationships with Cameron Diaz and Alyssa Milano.

How about when Milano dumped the former boy-band member on her birthday?

We got to see Beyonce break into the solo artist world in the 2000’s after leaving Destiny’s Child. They appeared to reunite a time or two before finally deciding to call it quits all together. I prefer Knowles when she’s by herself even though her girl band was amazing.

Music sure has evolved over the years, but is the evolution a positive one? Do you prefer today’s music, or like me, do you find yourself missing what was released in the past?