4 Things I learned From Watching ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Trailer [VIDEO]

Emma Watson
The star in McQ by Alexander McQueen.
1. Emma Watson can pull off an American accent.

We were all use to Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and more obviously we are all use to her acting with a British accent. After watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer, Emma has proved that she can hang with her American berks (just a little British slang for you there). Everyone from David Letterman has tested her American accent skill and her favorite American phrase thus far is, no it’s not YOLO, but “Oh My God!” (like OMG, we do not say that often). From the looks of the trailer she seems to have a handle on things but I shouldn’t speak too soon- ask me this very question again after I watch the movie, yeah? Let’s leave it at this, I’d advise Anne Hathaway to ask Emma who her coach is the next time she decides to play a character with a British accent.

2. Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” is actually a pretty good song.

My overly hipster friends would probably defriend me on Facebook but I’m saying this anyway- I like this song. A tad hokey, I admit, but how could you not wave your hands in the air and yell “I’m never changing who I am” when you listen to this song. It is over played for a reason people- it’s catchy.

3. Paul Rudd is the ideal teacher.

Paul Rudd will be playing Bill: Charlie’s teacher, friend, and supporter. After finding out he was casted as Bill, I thought about all the times I fantasized walking into class and seeing Paul sitting on the teacher’s table, with that smirk of his. He is the ideal teacher, with all his comedic wisdom. The very first movie I saw with him act in, he inspired a rather “clueless” girl to be selfless and donate all her snow equipment to those less fortunate. It was definitely written in the stars, Paul Rudd is that guy.

4. Everyone needs a photo capturing the moment they swore they were infinite (preferably an Instagram original)

If that last scene in the trailer did not convince you of this very fact, then you are one hopeless soul, my friend. One of the best quotes in the book is “and in that moment, I swear we were infinite” and to finally associate a scene with this, chills are literally going down my spine right now.