4 Clothing Styles That Leave Men Dazed And Confused! [TRENDS]

Fashionable Gaga
The singer gets ready for the CFDA Awards
Men like things simple…

As bold of a statement as that is, don’t act as if it’s not true! From easy yes or no answers to a wardrobe consisting of blue jeans and basic tees; ladies you know the more we try the less they understand! Every time we go out of the way to spice up our wardrobe with the latest trends we leave our men dumbfounded and in awe!

I find that I get this open mouthed baffled look on the reg’ and I’m about ready to punch the next guy that stares at me with this stupid face! So I’m here to name a few styles that sadly men will NEVER understand but, who cares because I love them and will continue to rock them until the next trend cycle comes through!

Read on to check out these killer trends!

1. Jumpsuits: A daring fashion style that the Kardashian’s love to sport. If you are unaware of what a jumpsuit is we’ll just take a quick trip down memory lane and pause in the 70’s! It’s basically a shirt and pants, but its all connected! Basically one has to be beyond confidant to pull this look off but worn on the right person and it’s a total fashion do!

2. Fur Vests: Although it’s summer now and you won’t see fur vests worn in this season as much they are in winter they are still my favorite statement article of clothing! Numerous celebs are seen wearing this fashionable outerwear piece during wintery seasons or if they are trendy enough to wear them now it’s a night-time necessity!

3. Skulls & Combat Boots: Grunge is a trend that has been around for some time now thanks to the ever so talented Marc Jacobs! He made a bold style so prominent in today’s fashion world and versatile! Men seem to think combat boots are only for the war front or a motorcycle, but little do they know these edgy shoes pair amazingly with a summery floral dress!

4. Over-sized Sweaters & Clothing: Baggy clothing is a summer must! Men don’t seem to enjoy the fact that they cant see every inch of a woman’s curves so they get frustrated! Just because we aren’t always in skin tight dresses doesn’t mean our bodies have withered away guys!

So ladies lets make a promise to never give up our fabulous style because men can’t keep up; just tell em’ to run faster!