4 A-List Couples That Need To Figure It Out; Seriously…

Selena and Justin
The stars get cozy and share a kiss at the Laker's game.
I get it, young love is fun and exciting because it’s all SOOO new.

You get into your first fight (which normally leads to your first “make-up”) then eventually, you meet the parents (who welcome you in with open arms) and finally, your life is filled with butterflies and unicorns jumping over rainbows when your first ‘L-Bomb’ drops.

Sounds great and and amazing when the steps of love fall in this order, but unfortunately for us some young celebs just don’t understand the basics.

Since Miley & Liam, Chris & Rihanna, Kristen & Rob, and Selena & Justin can’t seem to grasp the unwritten rule of love, I’ll blatantly re-inform them; if you break up once- it’s bound to happen again. Mind blowing I know…

Check out the gallery to find out what went wrong between these confused love birds.