35 Celebrities Depicted As Renaissance Paintings [PHOTOS]

April 23rd, 2011 // 11 Comments

Celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Eva Longoria are given a radical makeover in these hilarious spoof Renaissance shots. Photoshop wizards at www.WORTH1000.com have worked their magic on a range of stars to take them back in time through art.

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Jennifer Aniston looks angelic as the Girl With A Pearl Earring in the Vermeer classic painting. English rose Kate Winslet is portrayed as a generously cleavaged Rubens beauty and Amy Winehouse - who looks remarkably serene and beautiful as a Regency noblewoman. Although her tattoos somewhat spoil the effect!

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Looks more like Megan Fox than angelina

  2. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Love these pics. It is amazing how some are so out of place like Angelina but others like Drew could be models from that time.
    BTW- they are mostly not Renaissance- there was even 1 20th century one in there, but the vast majority appeared to be from different genres of the 19th century. For those who aren’t into art history, suffice it to say Masterpiece or Classic paintings would have been more accurate…

  3. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    the picture of angelina & brad is a perfect picture of a king & queen!!!!!

  4. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
    T.K. 2046
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    This is the best! I loved it!

  5. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Are you kidding with the title? Almost NONE of these paintings are from the Renaissance. The first three alone date to the nineteenth century.

  6. Mina

    The styles in the pictures cover many different times in history, not just the Renaissance. For instance, the hair and dress style in the large picture of Angelina Jolie is from the 1850′s-1860′s. The Renaissance era was the 1300′s through the 1600′s.

  7. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Could they be more Angelina biased? Depicting her in regal poses fit for a Queen. While they dressed poor Jennifer in rags befitting a peasant. They gave her a holy title, “Lady of Peace”, but she is small and dressed very simply in that one. Some of these were really good, but others, not so much.

  8. Corissia

    Love the Drew one, she looks so beautiful like that.

  9. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Clearly the definition of “Renaissance” fluctuates widely. Why not just “antique paintings?”

  10. Celebrities Renaissance paintings
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    Do you know what the original painting is?

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