33 Never Looked So Good! Paris Hilton Flies Into LAX, Holds Her Own Selfie Parade

Better Than Before?
Paris Hilton drops a new music video.
When some people hit 30, or even 25, they try to forget their age. Parties celebrating their birthday become a thing of the past.

Paris Hilton has learned to embrace life over 30. She actually doesn’t even look a day over 27.

Yesterday, she and her cute little puppy landed in LA after partying it up all week in Miami. After throwing a massive bash in Los Angeles, the heiress decided to hit the south to throw yet another party.

Of course, none of us were invited, but she did give us a little peek into the festivities. 

Instagram became the home to numerous selfies showing off her stylish outfit. To celebrate her birthday, she donned a leotard and skintight leggings. The ensemble was completed with black patent leather boots. She can keep the rest of that outfit, but I’ll happily take the boots.

If you want to see more of her strolling through the airport with her adorable canine friend, launch our gallery and prepare to say “aww!”.

Below you can see a few of her gorgeous, celebratory selfies.

How great do you think she looks? Let us know in the comments below!