33 Mug Shots Of Criminals Wearing Ironic T-Shirts [PHOTOS]

2010 Celeb Mug Shots
Check out the mug shots of these celebrity criminals from 2010.
What you wear is ever so important, especially if you’re getting your mug shot taken.

These mug shots feature some of the most ironic and unintentionally hilarious comedy T-shirts, including one which reads – “Go To Jail.” The funny booking photos show some of the unfortunate T-shirt choices made by suspects arrested by police across America.

Some appear to be criminals confessions to their crimes – “Guilty,” “Just did it!,” “I’ve been naughty,” “I Have PMS And A Handgun” and “America’s Most Wanted.”

While others are are t-shirts that you really wouldn’t want to be caught wearing anywhere, let alone wearing it for your booking photo. Slogans like “I Shaved My Balls For This,” “Stop Looking At My Shirt” and “I Was Lubed Up” and “I’d Do Me.”

Launch the gallery and have a chuckle or two at their misfortune.

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