30 Pics To Remind You Of Prince Harry’s Magic [PHOTOS]

Everyone’s still in shock over Prince Harry’s photos (my mother noted that the British military are “bullsh*t, according to the paper.  Oh, ma), but may I remind you that whoever took these embarrassing photos of Harry in the buff should be ashamed.  The prince invites you to a party, was most likely very welcoming, and you do this?  You’re a loser, whoever you are.

Moving on…The Sun, who published the photos on Friday despite a media blackout in Britain, spoke to a guest who partied during strip billiards with Harry.

“He was in great shape,” the source said. “I’m not a redhead fan, but he was hot.” 

See?  It’s not all bad press.

And, like any red-blooded man, Harry had his eyes on a certain filly.

[Harry] had his eyes set on her from the start,” said the guest in the suite. “He was very into her. She was giddy to be in the company of the prince and he was flirting with her.”