28 Favorite Songs Featured In ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Show Me Your Teeth
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Counting Down
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The Vampire Diaries has, without a doubt, the best music out of any television show currently on the air. The music team must work overtime just to come up with the great hits they do. Regardless of what scene it is, the song always fits perfectly, causing viewers to feel the exact mood they’re trying to convey.

Take the ending in 1×14, “Fool Me Once”, for example. Bonnie’s grandmother dies after helping the vampires, and Damon is brooding after discovering Katherine isn’t in the tomb.

After waiting for over a century, one can see how that’s upsetting. You might feel your heart breaking for these characters due to the loss of their loved ones.

During the Mikaelson Ball in 3×14, Dangerous Liaisons, Damon is having a conversation with the Mayor and Elena enters the mansion. His entire attention is focused on her. The song that plays captivates you and makes you feel exactly what Damon is feeling at that time.

Between the music and Ian Somerhalder’s acting, it’s difficult not to love that scene. It’s so powerful, even though no one is talking at that very moment.

Their music can make you dance, cry, or even just feel like your heart is aching. Some of the songs become directly related to the characters. When avid fans hear the song, “Bloodstream” they immediately think of Damon and Katherine.

For the fans, what are your favorite songs? Are they featured in the gallery? Check it out and then tell us in the comments below!