25 Photos Of Duchess Kate Playing With Her Hair (She’s Just Like Us!)

November 16th, 2011 // 1 Comment

We adore ADORE HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and have poured over countless photos of her all year long.  While you’re spending this much time looking through pictures, you start to notice things that your particular subject does, such as the way they smile and their habits.

What we’ve noticed about Catherine is that she touches her perfectly styled locks (courtesy of the Richard Ward Salon) quite frequently.  Not that we mind; we just thought that this tendency of hers is so cute AND sometimes it allows us a glimpse at her fabulous sapphire engagement ring.

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What I love most about these pictures of Catherine playing with her hair is that it shows how normal and like the rest of us gals HRH is.  Even though she’ll someday be Queen, she’ll always be the patron saint of girls-next-door.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Catherine Duchess Cambridge White Temperley Dress Wimbledon 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t think she is playing with her hair just pushing it off her face, thank god she’s not one of those OCD women who play with their hair like a bored toddler!!

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