25 Gifs That Prove Ian Somerhalder Is The Sexiest Man Alive

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The CW is making us wait one more week for a fresh episode of The Vampire Diaries, so we thought you might need a little something to tide you over until then.

For the life of me I do not understand how Ian Somerhalder has never been named the sexiest man alive? I mean – that smile and those eyes. Come on.

Check out the 25 gifs below that prove Ian Somerhalder is the sexiest MF alive!

I’m not taking off my shirt just quite yet.

But I will show you my tongue.

Gonna show off my biceps now.

Just for a little longer.

I could use a drink.

What is that on the ceiling?

Mmm. Okay.

Watch me rise out of the water.

That was kind of cool.

Time for some sexy.

Oh dear.

I am ready!


It’s all in the hips.

That was hilarious!

I should have never eaten that peanut butter.



Oh lord.

How does my hair look?

I’ll smile somewhat approvingly.


And I’m done.

Do it again.