25 Cats In Christmas Trees [PHOTOS]

What are our furry friends up to now? Cats are curious individuals who love to climb, so here are 25 of the cutest tree climbers that we could find.

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If you’d like to avoid this happening in your own own, click the read more link to find out tips as to how to prevent your cat from climbing up the Christmas tree. Then launch the gallery to check out the feline cuteness.

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1) Orange Peels – Cats are rumoured to despise citrus smells. Try attaching a few orange peels to the lower branches. Some household cleaners also have a citrus scent. Soak some absorbent objects (a small piece of wood) in the cleaner overnight and hang these from the lower branches. Make sure they don’t drip on the floor.

2) Double-sided tape – Wrapping double-sided carpet tape around the trunk or lower branches has been known to confound your kitty and keep them from ascending your tree.

3) Squirt the kitty – That’s what my grand daughter calls it. Whenever the cat gets near the Christmas Tree (or any other contraband for that matter) have the squirt bottle ready. That sudden mist of water in a cats face will send him or her runner. They will soon learn to associate the tree with the squirt in the face and avoid both. There actually is a company that makes a motion-activated, automatic squirt bottle that you can set under the tree. When the cat approaches, it gets an automatic squirt. Problem solved: (http://www.multivet.net/en/products/ssscat/)

4) Floor runners – A plastic floor runner turned upside down under the tree will deter most kittys. Cats don’t like to walk on the little plastic bumps. Beware that small cats can step around the bumps.

(Tips via WEWS5)

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