25 Awesome Darren Criss Gifs To Help Ease Your ‘Glee’ Withdrawal’ Pain

We’ve got one more week until a fresh episode of Glee. I feel your pain. I’m huge Gleek.

One upcoming Blaine storyline that we have to look forward to was revealed by Jane Lynch, who revealed:

I’m in the middle of a feud with Mr. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, and I’m blackmailing him basically to get back on the Cheerios.

Cannot wait to see that play out! Check out some awesome Darren Criss gif goodness below. 

Just kiss me.

Talk to me sugar!

Spinning around makes everything better.

Sing it like you mean it.

Pizza pizza.

What can I say? I’m a genius.

See, I can dance with one hand.

This is how you fix a bow tie.

This is how I stay in such awesome shape.

It’s all in the pivot.

Head bobble with me.

The square is my favorite shape.


Let me fix my hair first.

You, baby.

Of course I’m kissable.

A wink and a crinkle.


You just slide like this.

See, my teeth are whiter.

I like to use just a little tongue.

I give that two thumbs up!

Let me brush off my pants first.

Goodbye for now!

Okay, really. Goodbye for now!