23 Matt Bomer GIFS That Will Get Your Heart Racing

April 17th, 2013 // 13 Comments
Matt Bomer

The eyes. The smile. The hair. The body.

What isn’t there to love about White Collar star Matt Bomer?

The Texan born actor has won over our hearts as Neil Caffrey on White Collar, and with guest starring roles on Glee and The New Normal. He also sent our pulses racing as Ken in Magic Mike.

Bomer publicly acknowledged that he was gay last year, and is in a relationship with publicist Simon Halls. The couple has three sons, including a set of twins, via surrogacy. That Simon Halls is one lucky man.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Matt Bomer in GIF form below!

Would you like to come in?

I’ll show you a hat trick.



Now, stare in to my eyes.

I mean, really stare.

Shake it off! That was a little intense!

Shh. Time for some sexy time.

I’m ready if you are?

Sexy hat time?

No. Sexy shirtless time.

And sexy shower time.

I love this, ah, thing.

Hey, lets get back to some shirtless sexy time!

Nope, I was wrong. 

I meant some shirtless Magic Mike time.

From another angle!

I make me blush.

What about this?

I don’t know how to react to that?

I’ve got a little itch.

I love Darren Criss.

Are you ready for one more?

Why not end things with a little perfection?

By Michael Prieve

  1. Roberta Tatarin

    OMG!!! Is perfect! Matt is P E R F E C T! ♥

  2. Quite possibly the most beautiful man in the world.

  3. Denis

    Ridiculously handsome!!!

  4. Michael

    Matt is Gorgeous, and doesn’t act like an asshole. A real star1

  5. bcooper

    so handsome, and a nice guy too!

  6. joanne

    Matt bomer is the most gorgeous man in hollywood. He is very classy and talented. The perfect choice to play christian grey

  7. Alyssa

    Thank you so much for making this.

  8. Jasper

    Awwwwww he is so cute *_* so glad he is gay

  9. whitney d

    He really is a special human being… This is a great visual, especially on a rainy, gloomy day!

  10. AJ

    Hate to break it to you girls…. he plays for the other team….

  11. Isabelle

    Gay men have ALL the luck!! They get the most HANDSOME & stylish guys!!!
    And you know what, They DESERVE it!!!

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