22 Of The Best Kanye West Quotes That Will Make You Cringe

Kim K and Kanye West
The two take a ride in Paris together.
Oh, Kanye West.  A man of many words, and usually the words that come out of his mouth have us scratching our heads.

Over the years Kanye has had some pretty memorable quotes.  Whether they were from an interview or Twitter, they always had us wishing his mouth had an off switch.  We can’t decide if his arrogant statements have gotten worse or better with time.  We also can’t figure out if he’s actually being serious or trying to get attention.

Either way they work because we’re still talking about him.  Some of his quotes don’t even make sense!  Comparing your brain to an Hérmes factory?! Ok Yeezy, whatever you say.  Let’s not forget the infamous VMA-Taylor Swift stage crash.  That has to be one of the most memorable quotes “Of all time!  Of all time!”

Some of our other faves are his statements he makes about wife, Kim Kardashian.  We get it, she’s “the most beautiful women of human existence.”  But the one’s he makes about himself are truly priceless.

So here are 22 of Kanye’s most ludicrous statements that have ever come out of his mouth, or mind.

Launch the gallery to see all of Kanye’s most ridiculous utterances.  Let us know in the comments which one’s your fave!